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My name is Ismail, and it’s my pleasure to make acquaintance to many of you this fine day of rest. I’m a teacher and my task is to teach “words”. Not simple, yet hard it is not. My name is Middle Eastern, although it does not imply

I’m Middle Eastern or any ethnicity of origin. I come from a place of focus that is more or less a state of consciousness as in America has states, 52, yeah? Consciousness has states, similar in definition, ends there. My identity is irreverent in general, what’s important is my official report from the higher realms regarding the material from the “Inside” as I teach semantics. There were a characteristic I once wore for lack of a better word that incarnated in physical form many years ago, it was quite a challenge for many of the characteristics to unify a group essence to incarnate during a time that was not of the best interest. The individual was a poet, which I must admit the energy essence for which speaks bluntly to the mass here, is reasonably responsible for contributing, that is in good taste, make note please. Myra has stated as well, that not all teachers once lived, nor ever would in your terms.

Many of us just lend our characteristics to many of you for intended purposes. The interesting dynamic force can shift at any given interval and leave subtly from one personality to the next instantaneously in your terms. We often do this kind of telepathic travel to ensure all personalities are ready to develop and learn from the masters of inner realms opportunity to evolve. My place of origin is many, yet few. We carry no personalities, we can and often do – project more characteristics then usually when the young personality is yet developed and incline to inspirational form its opinion – traits. What I share here this day has in its form and nature the intricacies to complicate the most analytical minds. The Immortal Teachers – Inside Material is a new idea that has been inspired by an overall consciousness – which wishes to express itself through many facets – one could consider as outlets.

The material were bringing through is in and of its nature pure to the inquiring and serious seeker. Allow our words to resonate deeply with your conscious being. Poetry is like music, which are two of my favorite forms of communication – although there are many ways in your terms that we use to convey our lessons. I must leave you at the moment, although it’s been a real blessing per say, beauty is in teaching, yet teaching real essence lies in the student.