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Good Morning – it’s a real treat to be among many of you this day. Please allow me to introduce myself to you – my name is Myra, and I’m a non-physical teacher of the “Inside Material”, the immortal masters who have coined the term to authenticate our body of material.

I’m a non-physical being that never donned a physical body. There are those who never incarnated in the physical form, yet there are many who have. So, this can go either way here as I come before you to formally introduce the being that you consider to be a women, from my name, yet I remain genderless.  I first appeared to Tony many years ago in your terms as an image – which he interpret as a women name – “Goldie”.

We have the ability to change names, words and most importantly, we can use a physical body as you use clothes to your naked bodies, you understand? When I came before him, with ideas, he perceived as his own, yet had no idea (get it) at the time it was inspired from an outer source if you will. We usually present ourselves to earth people that aren’t yet open (eyes open) in the most natural way they can comprehend. Tony on the other end, always had unusual imaginative experiences, yet couldn’t piece together my nudging (laughing). Before I go further into Tony world and expose an image of himself to himself, I wish to continue with my purpose along with whom I AM. My task is to help Tony with hypnosis – the science in your terms of the mind. He’s a grand with the mind, yet knows not as of present. Each teacher has a contributing task to the well-being and development of your species and plans for those who are bound to stumble… Upon their own identity!

Tony has many teachers who have established an energetic connection with him who all has individual tasks of specialty to transmit through Tony. I was the next to last teacher to come through to Tony as Myra – aka Goldie. Each one of our (teachers) vibrations is obviously different for intended purposes; nevertheless none of the vibrations are better or dominate over the others. Tony has realized when he channels my vibration; he’s taken notice how powerful my vibration is in terms of what I specialize in (hypnosis).

Because I’ve never donned a physical body, I can differentiate my lessons on a higher plane. I come from a realm of consciousness that focuses on continuous inner development. It’s not a walk in the park with the vibration that emanates from the plane for which I focus. When we first started to condition Tony for the transmission of ALL our energies – he went and continuous to do so, go through physical discomfort on the chest, throat and sometimes body. Often I come before him in a comforting way. Another one of our attributes is the ability to transform our energy that we channel – either through words of education, thoughts, ideas and comforting. On my plane, I can’t say or speak in a manner as if this is the plane I habitat. There is no place of origin for our teachers, we transform rapidly as you blink your eyes, your heart beats, the air you breath is how rapidly we can do so.

I appear before Tony through books, media, computers, people, feelings, thoughts and words that Tony can now differentiate. So, in a sense, it makes no sense to formally in your terms “Introduce” myself. Because in one sense, I don’t exist and in another, I exist to many of you through your inner awareness of your origin self, you understand? Tony is aware of this, however he plays along with the drama – theatrical intention. So, you see it’s of no use to put extra energy into this minor for lack of a better word annoyance. Please allow your consciousness to dance in the space you habitat present.

Myra – 2011