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Jan 8 2012

Myra: Theme – dharma (The essential function or nature of a thing)

Hello and good day all. It is Myra who comes to you this day to speak about reincarnation presently.

Reincarnation is a vehicle that’s used as a word. Metaphorically it could express something more, depending on your vibration and level of inner awareness. I say this to say, many of you in your life time have heard of reincarnation and, either dismiss or grasp the idea mainly do to your upbringing or religion, in any case this fortify many concepts to be misunderstood, you see. Reincarnation is not what it is lead to believe and its meaning. I ‘d expound on this concept further if I may. Every individual soul has births to experience, not necessarily in the order one would imagine. However its of paramount to be reborn many lifetimes as possible – The individual soul can choose to reincarnate any time after physical death, the only requirement is the soul deletes the conscious knowledge from their previous life.

There are and will be strands of consciousness translating as memory – on you’re physical plane it would be considered intuition, you see. There is no intuition – memory can form itself in any way necessary. The thing about memory though, if the individual personality has created a filtering system based on beliefs from the system (societies way), then it’s quite possible to be misleading often enough and realize it is part of the system and not your own inner divinities power.

People who goes to psychics usually have the same abilities as the psychics, which explains why they the psychics can not tell them a prediction, although there is no fixed futures or pasts. The individual creates their past, present and future. However the psychic sees multiple directions, which could interpret a past or future – this is part of your system (3 dimension). Many psychics who can see differentiates between you’re plane and higher planes and make it clear that what they see is all probable – in other words is yet determined by what they see, but by the individual themselves.

So you see, reincarnation is a choice by the entity. The entity decides and determine the time in your terms of reincarnation and it’s the personality that chooses its gender, ethnicity and agreement of its overall challenge – lessons its needs to learn. You’re entity sets forth the challenges its needs to experience through the personality. Off the record, the personality that is what I’d address you as for purposes intended, acts as a channel between you’re entity and you’re conscious body which is responsible for your physical experiences. If I may clear this up a bit, the personality represents your higher self. You’re higher self communicates almost synchronically with it’s entity moment to moment in your terms of linear time. You’re higher self is your physical existence way of monitoring its survival.

Now reincarnation can be termed as required opportunities to develop and learn the lessons needed to continuously expand and further you’re connection with All That Is (God/Goddess). Everyone’s vibration can be consider metaphorically the breath of a Higher power / Higher consciousness.  Buddha’s teaching on reincarnation has been widely accepted by many as the truth – though some would contest such. It is not my intention to detest this information, because it is valid as it is, no need to add or take away. It is part of a system, a file from the system, Buddha never intended for his teachings to be the end – the final say so, he created in place a trigger within the system to ignite a trail which leads to ones inner divinity, there are many ways to conclude here and many ways this topic can proceed. The program that I offer is not for safe keeping, because it changes each time the topic is brought up – beliefs change as often as you would think in terms of moment to moment. Everyone’s higher self is a representative of his or her entities infinite wisdom, and in terms of All That Is – a fragment of a greater consciousness. Anytime you pull from an inner resource information that shifts your present state to that of infinite wisdom, that is an indication of a higher awareness involvement.

January 7th 2012 - Myra Session