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Dec 6 2011

Nu’Al: About confrontation and the absence of that

Let me start this conversation with confrontation as a skill.

Confrontation is an important skill of the Masters. Confrontation is a basic knowledge to live your life to the fullest potential. If you are able to confront any situation, you not just going to have a long and successful life, but if it possible for you to believe, life eternal. Confrontation is a must skill for everyone who wishes to reach higher levels of self-mastery. If you have the ability to confront anything, you can do everything. Those who cannot, will remain victims to their own powers.

Your inner self is like a flock of sheep. If the ‘sheep’ don’t learn to stick together in the danger, they going to scatter and sheep by sheep fall prey for the predators. Just like your soul. If you manage to keep your ‘flock’ together, you’ve learned the most important lesson of this level. It is a choice of you. If you choose to re-learn it, you need to do it in little steps. With the decision made, nature will take care of the rest, re-teach you by providing those little steps. Big steps will only keep you away from reaching your goal.

First of all concentration is important. You learn concentration by keeping your mind in the present moment. Not in the past, not in the future, and certainly not in any other place, but right here, right now. It is a very hard task to re-learn for all of those in this era of time. You have learned to be distractible. It has became a lifestyle for most of you. That is why you are a victim of everything that surrounds you. Everyday people has knowledge of their power equal to nothing. They think they are at the mercy of coincidences, luck, circumstances, God or whatever outside forces they can think of. They either chose to or by their education fell victim to this way of belief system and this habitual way of thinking. They don’t know (or chose not to know) any better, and they try their hardest to make it alone, separated from their true self. You have to understand: this is a mass creation. Mankind overall chose to stick to material, tangible things, things which you can grab and keep. This happened because you become afraid. Long ago a decision has been made to experience fear, doubt and separation. The origo separated itself to particles. First there was light then light created darkness with a decision to experience its own absence. This subject will be addressed in a later session. Little steps, remember? ☺

You as mankind, decided to cut yourself off from the support of the tree of life, the tree of knowledge. The branch will run dry soon without the support of the roots or the trunk. The tree also could make a decision to cut the supply off from the branch, when it is going in a wrong way, and risking the existence of the whole. Sometimes men have a tendency to become like these dry branches, and just out of stubbornness keep on grow towards the bitter end, risking the life of the whole, just because unable to confront their own ‘mistakes’. Just to be literal, the inability to confront a mistake means that you are aware when something what you do doesn’t work (meaning it is not supporting survival) but you still keep on doing it, just because you cant confront the fact you have grown your branch into the wrong way. That lack of confrontation could cost your whole tree suffering and dying. Until you still stick to the material, to havingness instead of beingness, you keep yourself cut off from the true inside wisdom, and you will not understand the true knowledge which comes from your roots. But it is only a decision, you can decide any time otherwise.

Start your practice with confronting your mistakes by being honest to yourself and confess them one by one, little by little. Start with the easier ones, go one by one, taking off the layers and covers, peeling off the dried bark from your soul. If you find a branch of yours which dried off completely, draw back your life force from it, and let it fall off by itself. Direct your energies into new shoots, which has the connection and the support of the root and other parts. Confront the loss of the old, let it go in peace, and direct your energies into the young and living, the easily formable. The innocent and trustful part of yours may seems weak in your eyes, but yet it is your most strongest, possess more strength than you could ever imagine. Stop growing into the wrong direction today: this is my first lesson to you. Confront your mistakes, confess them, and wake up into a great and fresh new life.

(1st Oct, 2011)